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You only get 1 first Impression, When a Buyer walks IN!!!


Simple re-grout and re-caulk bathroom tub and tile, repaint bath walls a neutral color. The buyer of this property actually loved this 1965 bathroom completely restored and bought this house because of the character and old school charm. Most would have told the seller to gut and start over but at DetailingYourHome.com our goal is to spend the least to get you the most on resale!!! This is the same bathroom DETAILED!!!

Pressure Wash the exterior and spot paint the exterior, from corner to corner and each spot missing paint. Repaint kitchen ceiling and replace water spot sheet rock from the child over flowing the tub one time!!! Dang kids...lol

Example #3      SOLD $448,500

A 5 year old NEW CONSTRUCTION HOME with Drying Crown Cracks and Caulking Cracks on the Steps, and small Cracks in the the Sheetrock. Repainted Shutters, Front Door and Porch Ceiling Charleston Haint Blue.

Pressure Wash, Repair and Point up steps, paint iron white.

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example #1.

Home Value $165,000+/- Before Detail,

Sold FOR $209,500 

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We offer a wide range of full-scope solutions to fix your home before going on the real estate market, interior design, staging and pre-planning services that can be customized to meet your needs and guarantee you top dollar in selling your home. Our team works directly with your team, like you and your Realtor to come to the best solution for your home, so you get top dollar on the sale of your home.


You only get 1 first Impression, When a Buyer walks IN!!!


We pressure washed the outside sidewalks and driveway and house. Inside we re-caulked between the crown and the walls and ceilings, re-caulked the steps and re-cut the paint on steps and repainted the quarter round. Brought back to As New Condition. Without fixing these cracks a BUYER would think there is foundation issues when it was just a new home settling with wood being acclimated.

Example #2   SOLD $1,440,000

​A home detail done at this price point could make a $50,000 to $100,00 price swing in the seller's favor.

Our philosophy is simple: When a Car Dealers sells cars they spend a few hundred dollars having cars detailed before presenting them to buyers. WHY? Because they get more money for a clean car with shampooed carpets, buffed and waxed paint, and a few dents and scratches taken out. They get more than if they sold it in the AS IS CONDITION when they got it. Car Dealers get a few thousand more for a Detailed Car vs a Dirty Car with no detail.

When you detail your home, you get tens of thousands more for the property. We are not saying remodel it, but bring everything to AS NEW CONDITION as possible. Your home might be dated, but if everything is detailed in move-in ready condition you get more on the SALE. Look at these simple examples of BEFORE & AFTER DETAILS below.

In sales you want to handle all objections before they ever come up, so when you get to asking the closing question of "Do you want to get it?" The buyer says YES with NO OBJECTIONS. In selling homes the only objection is the condition of the home. The moment a buyer sees something broken or in bad condition like cracks in sheet rock or a broken tile in an entryway, they stop picturing themselves putting their things in you home and continue to look to see what else is broken. If they do put in an offer they will low ball you and begin to beat you down on your selling price based on the negatives.

Let RaisingHomeValues.com handle all the objections so you get top dollar!!!